Crochet fangirl

I find crochet and yarn absolutely fascinating. I still can’t quite get my head round how crocheted things actually stay together and don’t just unravel with the slightest touch. As long as you’ve tied off; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally undone a row or two just by dropping what I’m working on. #CrochetProblems.

It’s incredible what different shapes, sizes, and effects you can get just by using a different yarn type or a bigger/smaller hook, and don’t even get me started on all the different stitches.

For example, I’m trying to make my first hat to sell in the shop and I’m following a pattern that doesn’t seem to say how big the finished product should be. I’ve made a start with two different yarns, which look like this:

Side note: I can’t wait for my light box to arrive!


That’s 46 stitches each, using that same crochet hook, but one is with regular acrylic DK and the other is acrylic chunky.

How cool is that??

Okay, possibly not very cool if you’re a hardened crocheter, or not as easily pleased as I am (very). But this is part of what I love about crochet. If I were not frantically trying to make enough stock to open my shop right now, I would probably do a similar exercise with one yarn and every size of hook I own. Just to see the different sizes and effects that came out.

Back to my hats – the blue yarn would only make a hat big enough for a baby, and it’s far too scratchy for that, so I’m just going to undo it. I’ll stick with the yellow yarn and also add in a few stitches because as it was I couldn’t get it round my own head. It’s a pretty simple pattern so hopefully this hat will be ready for listing by the end of the week!

Has anyone else ever got this excited over crochet? Let me know in the comments so I can feel slightly less weird 😉



5 thoughts on “Crochet fangirl”

  1. I have literally just finished my first hat (that fits, haha!). I will be posting all about it shortly even the one that didn’t work out. I’ll explain about the sizing I used as well. It might help you. 😁


  2. I get that excited everyday! One way to get your shop started is to make one of each thing you want to start with and use it for pictures. Then make the items as you get orders. That way you don’t have a lot of money in products that could sit in a box for a year.


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