Look, no pattern!


I’m almost certainly running before I can walk here, but I’ve decided to start making some crochet goodies without patterns.

The patterns I’ve bought so far are fabulous, but they take up almost 20% of the money I’ve spent on my shop. Plus they all (so far) use really simple stitches that I know how to use; in theory I could have written any of the patterns I have bought.  So I’m going to give it a go!

Obviously you don’t just dive into something super-complicated for your first go without a pattern, so I decided to start with a hat.

I know from experience (having to restart one hat project at least 5 times) that beginning with the brim and working up doesn’t really work so well for me. Those chains were determined to twist, no matter what I did! There’s also the fact that I love magic rings, so the obvious choice for me was to start from the top and work my way downward.

Here’s what I did (Yes, I’m as British as they come but still use American crochet terms. Don’t go looking for logic here – there is none):

1) Make a magic ring, 6 double crochet into the ring (6)

2) 2dc in each stitch (12)

3) *dc, 2dc into next stitch* 4 times (18)

4) *dc, dc, 2dc into next stitch* 6 times (24)

5) dc in each stitch (24)

6) *dc, dc, dc, 2dc into next stitch* 6 times (30)

At this point I wanted to do something a  bit more interesting, so I decided to experiment with some front post and back post double crochet (fpdc and bpdc)

7) Ch 2 (counted as dc), fpdc, *dc, fpdc* repeat ** around and join to starting chain (30)

8) Ch 2 (counted as bpdc), dc, *bpdc, dc* repeat ** around and join to starting chain (30)

9) Repeat 7) and 8) until desired length (including a stripe of colour because I can) (30)

10) Finish it all off with a row of single crochet and a slip stitch at the end (30)


That gave me this awesome waffle-patterned hat

Ta da!


Looking at it on my desk I was super proud of myself for actually making a real thing without a pattern, but…I didn’t like it. To me it looked like an old lady hat. Given the choice, I would never wear it.  But my taste in hats is not everybody’s taste in hats so I tried it on, ready to take some photos for listing in the shop, and it’s actually not that bad!

Then one of my friends modelled it for me


She really likes it, which makes me feel super duper proud! Thank goodness for individual tastes in the world – if my friend likes the hat then there will definitely be someone out on the internet willing to buy it when my shop finally goes live.

So there you have it; my very first pattern-free crochet make.

What do you think? Would you wear the hat? Let me know in the comments!



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