Birthday goodies

It was my birthday last week so I have *lots* of new presents to enjoy (I am ridiculously easy to buy for), and I thought I’d share some that will more than likely end up in my shop.

First up, I got this wee phone cosy kit from Hobbycraft


The yarn that came in the kit was a bit ‘sticky’, but in total it still only took me a few hours to make this up. With some other yarn these will definitely be shop stock soon.

Of course, I couldn’t just leave it simple like that and I’m already planning a dragon scale version!

I also got a copy of Simply Crochet magazine, because it came with a free Tunisian hook


The jumper pattern using the hook looks really good, and I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other patterns in there as well.

This is my first experience with a crochet magazine since I really know what I’m doing, and it is vastly different to picking up that first magazine on a whim and wondering why it was all written in code. Ah the memories.  This time I’m just excited to try all these new things, because I know just fine that I can make them.

And finally, the enormous gold-plated cherry on top:

That is 35 skeins of yarn. There’s cotton, DK, chunky, noodles, acrylic, alpaca…it would take ages to list it all. So instead I just keep taking it out and staring lovingly at it.

Isn’t it beautiful

Do you like the phone cosy? Any ideas what to make with my bumper stash? Let me know in the comments!



19 thoughts on “Birthday goodies”

  1. Hippy Bathday!! Better late than never 🙂 As for the yarn…well…I need you to send it to me so I can assess it’s viability for new projects 😀


  2. Cosy looks adorable, cant wait to see how your dragon scale version turns out!
    AND that stash.. oh My 🙂 I am wiping up a puddle of drool over here 🙂 Maybe a summer top or a bag would be good projects ?


  3. Happy belated birthday!! What better gift than a pile of yarn? 😀 That Simply Crochet magazines looks lovely, it’s awesome that it comes with a Tunisian hook, too!


  4. Happy Birthday!!! You got the BEST presents ever!! I love seeing piles of yarn!! I still think written patterns look like some sort of secret code and I’ve been able to read them for years LOL! 😀


  5. Ahhhh the best present ever! If I look at myself 3 years ago I’d want things like make up and bath stuff. Now it’s yarn! Enjoy it all, can’t wait to see what you wip up 🙂 (happy belated birthday)


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