FO Tuesday 

I couldn’t wait til Friday!

Over the weekend I finished my chevron blanket and baby star blanket. 

The star border only took about 20 minutes so I’m not really sure why I’d been avoiding it for so long.  

After 2 weeks of almost entirely working with chunky yarn, it felt very strange to go back to baby DK yarn. A bit like working with dental floss!

I also finished the chevron afghan, after only two weeks. That was quite a bit quicker than I expected so I’m really pleased, I’ll be able to hand it over to my friend this week. I really hope he likes it.

So about the blanket. I love stats, so if you don’t then just admire the photos 😉

This afghan weighs juuust over 1.5 kg (1517g if you want to be accurate)


It measures 142cm x 181cm (it’s taller than me!)


The yarn is Painbox Simply Chunky in Vanilla Cream, Soft Fudge, Slate Grey, and Coffee Bean

It consists of 101 rows double crochet, and 2 rows single crochet with picots at the points

Measuring chevrons

Each cream section is 8 rows of straight dc

Each section of contrast colour is back loop only dc, alternating 6 and 9 rows.


The side of each chevron is made of 13 stitches (my favourite number)

Each dc row contains 180 stitches

The total stitch count for the whole thing is 18,544 stitches.


I can’t believe I just made nearly 20,000 stitches….

Chevrons on a sofa

I was planning to calculate the number of hours I spent on this, but after having to restart it 5 times to get the chevrons to actually chevron, I decided not to.  Let’s just say every spare hour I had over the last 2 weeks.

So, does anyone have any tips for folding/rolling a mahoosive blanket so I can wrap it up before giving it to my friend? Or how to take good photos of something so large? Because I’m struggling!



12 thoughts on “FO Tuesday ”

  1. I can’t believe you have a count of stitches 😅😅 okay so for photos, I bought a roll of vinyl off amazon in like a wood type. I roll it out on the floor and bam. Also do you have a chair that you perhaps place outside or against a plain wall to drape the blanket and take photos? Fold it in half and half again til it’s about 25 inches long and take photos also fold it up when packaging it and tie it maybe with some ribbon. Wrap in tissue paper and get one of those large gifts boxes from card factory 🙂 if it’s going in the post, wrap in tissue paper but also put it in a clear bag for protection and stick it in a mailer xxxx


    1. I told you I like stats 😉

      My problem with the photos is lighting. Even if the bit closest to me is lit up fine, it gets darker and darker the further away you go. I wish we had the kind of weather that would let me take photos outside in real light! I like the chair idea, I’ll give that a go 🙂


  2. Wow that was quick! I was thinking you just started it the other day! I love the star pattern too. Dang that’s a lot of stitches! I once added up all of the yardage on one blanket and I can’t remember the exact number but there were several miles of yarn used!! 😀


    1. Haha I’m really not that good! But I’m still pleased with 2 weeks, especially considering I had to restart it 5 times, and had to frog and recalculate halfway through the first Fudge section. I’d love to work out the yardage too, but it’s probably a bit late now. Oh well!

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  3. Wow – I have only ever calculated stitches on an item once – and there were an awful lot – like with yours! It’s amazing, isn’t it?! Both projects look fabulous. I reiterate what others say about light for the photo and also the draping over a chair is a great idea. Love the lime and white star – two of my favourites to knit with!


  4. Wow 20 minutes to do the star blanket, would probably take me like a day or 2. Loved reading your stats. A lot of stitches. I bet your friend will love it.

    I also have the same problem with lighting. I haven’t got any great window to use so I just hope for the best. The weather in UK has been horrible this week, it’s going to be worst tomorrow.


    1. Haha I only did the border on 3 of the legs, I’ve been making this blanket on and off for a couple of months.
      It actually seems quite nice up in Scotland today, maybe I’ll be able to get some outdoor shots!

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  5. Wow! That’s a lot of stitches, I’m definitely impressed that you finished it so quickly! I agree that it’s hard to get nice pictures sometimes. If I can’t use natural light I try to use a lamp with warm yellowish light. I just like the way that looks. 🙂


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