Out of stock

I remember now why it took me so long to open up my shop in the first place.

Yesterday I decided to add my zentangle cards to stock, as I’ve got a few made up ready to go, so I opened etsy and signed in.

Wait, I need photos of the cards first.

I set them up and took a few photos – rubbish photos because it was starting to get dark, but I figured they would do as placeholders until I could take better ones.

But wait, if somebody actually buys one it might get damaged in the post.

Over to Amazon, where I lost half an hour comparing various plastic wallets and board-backed envelopes, and trying to decide which size(s) would be best to get. That’s another £20 closer to just not tracking how much I’ve spent on this shop with no return because it’s becoming too much to think about.

Right. Those should arrive tomorrow so let’s get the cards listed at last.

Oh wait, I wanted to take proper photos of them so I can get a run printed instead of them just being one-offs. But now it’s dark and there’s no hope of getting quality pictures.

You know what, never mind. I’ll just go to bed.

So my little shop is still sitting there with only 4 items in stock and not a thing sold.  But at least I thought about the board-backed envelopes now, and I’ll have some ready when I finally sell my first card. That’s quite organised for me!



10 thoughts on “Out of stock”

  1. It’s so much work!! I hate it when I forget to take pictures especially if it’s for a recipe – nobody wants to see a half eaten piece of cake LOL!! My daughter uses a drawing tablet to draw and doodle on. I’m not sure how you design your tangles or if you are able to print them, but using a tablet and stylus you might be able to draw your designs and save them electronically. That way you always have a digital image to post and print them out as needed. Again – I have no idea what your design process is, but if you were going to create black and white coloring book style pages you could print them as needed. My daughter is able to draw, shade, and blend colors with her drawing tablet. 🙂


    1. I’m currently eking out the very last dying breaths from my laptop because I can’t afford any new electronics! If I get some money for Christmas I might have a look at tablets, it sounds like there are a few things they could help me with

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      1. I had to buy a new computer last fall so I’m hoping I’ll be all set for a couple of years! Hope your laptop chugs along until Christmas!! 😀


  2. It really is hard to get a shop going. I’m having the same sorts of problems. I’m sure that one day this will simply be “old hat” to us but right now, UGH!

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  3. It was interesting reading this post as I have been toying with the idea of an Etsy shop myself. I had not given a thought to card backed envelopes etc. Mmmm better get my thinking head out and find out what its going to cost before I go any further.


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