New stitches: hairpin lace crochet 

I have Tami to thank for this particular stitch-learning. I saw her post about it, and the beautiful things that can be made with it, and I pretty much knew I’d be getting a loom one day.

So when I saw Crochet Now sitting on a shelf in Morrisons with a free hairpin loom, I was completely unable to resist! It just jumped into my trolley and I had to buy it. 

I tried to be good and read through the instructions first, but that’s really not the way my mind works. I got terribly confused trying to imagine exactly what I was supposed to do with it, and it made very little sense, so I just set up and jumped right in.


It was both easier and more difficult than I expected: easier because it’s just chains and single crochet, which I already knew, with some wrapping round the frame added in. More difficult because I’m positive you need at least 3 hands to work it properly.

How do you stop this happening every 5 seconds??


For my first attempt I produced this lovely lace:


I’m not sure if you can see from the photo just how varied the loop sizes are, but you can definitely see that it’s not a straight line. My hope is that this is just a beginner thing – even after 3 years of crocheting my tension still goes very tight when I’m thinking too much about what I’m doing. Now I’ve got the general idea I think my next piece should come out much more even.

So that’s hairpin crochet! Aside from having to reattach the frame every time I move, it’s really fun and I’m looking forward to making something beautiful with it.

What do you think of hairpin crochet? Fancy giving it a go? Let me know in the comments!



14 thoughts on “New stitches: hairpin lace crochet ”

  1. So proud of you Hannah!!!! That looks great! I think that if you see any unevenness it’s really an optical illusion. The strips are tricky to tell whether they are straight or not. Once you start joining strips together they straighten out. Now for the loom situation. You have a very very beginner loom – which is great because you are a beginner. If this is something that you want to continue doing – it would be a good idea to get a better loom. Not very expensive for a basic one. I’m pretty sure you could find one on Amazon that cost about the same or maybe a buck or two more than the magazine you bought that has the free one. A longer and sturdier loom will make it much more fun. Plus the loom turning will be easier too. It took me a few strips to really really get all that turning to be smooth but now it is so so so relaxing to stitch and turn. I even have this little fancy flippy thing I do with my hook that lets me slide the hook back, turn and catch the next stitch all in one movement. 😀


    1. Ooh get you with your fancy flipping 😉 maybe one day I’ll develop such a thing, I’m definitely planning to make something with this. So better looms don’t fall apart as soon as you look at them? I must get one!

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      1. I have the exact opposite problem with mine – it’s hard to get the end off!! Have you taken a look at all of the different ways you can join the strips?


  2. Ooh, that looks lovely! I couldn’t agree more that you need at least three hands for it to work properly – perhaps it was designed for an octopus. 😀 I’d love to give this a go, as I only ever learned how to do the basic strip (with a similar level of frustration!)…it would be cool to learn how to join them. 🙂


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