WIP Wednesday 26.07.17

Current WIP count: 10

I’m weak! With only 3 things crossed off my WIP list, I started another one.

But really, how could I resist this gorgeous tabby cat yarn from Mothy and the Squid?

Especially after I managed to turn it into a rather presentable cake.


To understand how proud I am of this little ball, here’s the last skein I tried to turn into a cake.


It took me 10 days to sort the mess I made.

So this beautiful yarn was sitting on the table, staring at me, when I came across the Lost In Time shawl pattern. It was an intsant yes!Β This is what I have so far and already I love it:


As for my other WIPs, I’ve done more rounds on the star blanket, and now I’m trying to decide whether I really want to use a whole second Caron Cake on it. I’m beginning to think not. Maybe I could use the rest to make various matching accessories. We’ll see.

Still behaving.

Side note: working on a sock yarn and an aran yarn project at the same time is a strange experience. It always feels like I’m either working with cobwebs or nautical rope.

There’s been a little progress on the doily; somewhat stalled because I’m really not sure about the colours I’ve chosen. I’m waiting for the requester to get back to me and let me know if it’s okay.


I also tried attaching two wheels to the camper van, but they’re wonky. I have yet to face removing them and trying again.
Curse these wheels.

The two kindle cosies are on the blocking mats and I’ll sew them up once they’re dry.

So we’re still in double figures for my WIP list, but I have to admit I’m not sorry at all!

What are you working on this week? Started any irresistible WIPs? Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 26.07.17”

  1. Hmmmm looks like I have some catching up to do. I am mostly done with a summer top and started a lightweight sweater the other day – that is already almost done! I also have to figure out how to fix the beach coverup that I started making for my daughter – it’s too small and adding to it is probably going to wreck the design that I wanted. I’ll probably end up making her a new one and keep this one for myself along with all of my other weird shaped crochet clothes. πŸ˜€ So I think I need to start at least 7 more projects to catch up to you!!! I’ll do it I swear I will πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  2. A lot of WIPs but they all look great. That tabby cat yarn is gorgeous!
    Although that picture of tangled yarn is giving me flashbacks πŸ˜€ So happy that a few months ago I treated myself to a yarn winder and swift for winding the skeins I get into cakes because for some reason every time I try to wind a skein into a ball without using the yarn winder things end up such a mess xD


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