New stitches: popcorn stitch

The popcorn stitch seemed a bit scary to me. I’d read the how-to description in a few patterns, but I just couldn’t visualise what I was supposed to do.

Luckily I dived into the Lost In Time shawl without reading the whole pattern first, so I was already fully committed by the time I got to the line ‘1 popcorn stitch in each dc’. Also luckily, this pattern came with photos alongside the how-to, so I was able to make my first popcorn at last.

As with most things, I’m really not sure why I was worried  – it’s so simple and looks really good!

You just place 4 stitches into one stitch 

Remove your hook

Go through the top of the first stitch in the cluster of 4

then pick up the loop you dropped

And pull it through


Here’s my first ever row of popcorns.

I’m assuming they will pop more as I go on and get more comfortable with the stitch, but this shawl is for myself so I’m not frogging back just to make it ‘perfect’. It might actually be fun to keep it as a record of my progress!

Have you used the popcorn stitch before? Any tips for making it more pop-y? Let me know in the comments!




14 thoughts on “New stitches: popcorn stitch”

  1. my tip for making it poppy is to make sure that it is popping forward when you do the securing chain on top. of all the “bobble” type stitches I find this the least “pop-y” but I like it for that! happy crocheting! love your yarn! 😊

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  2. That shawl is looking just beautiful! Great job on your first ever row of popcorns, nothing like diving into the deep end. πŸ™‚ My tip would be to pop it forward with your finger and also keep your gauge tight when you pull the loop through at the end. But I’ve found they also tend to pop more with more stitches, so I think yours look just great! πŸ˜€

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  3. I love popcorns! Took a while but I persevered and now I am more than happy to attempt patterns that have lots – like this shawl! One thing to always check I have found is that some patterns use 4dc popcorns and some 5dc, so it pays to check the notes very carefully before you begin πŸ™‚

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  4. I really like the popcorn stitch, I’ve made a baby blanket with hexies that had loads of popcorn and I love the look of it πŸ™‚ I was going to suggest the same thing as Jo, also make sure that your closing chain is tight and that should make them pop more!

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  5. Hooray for popcorn stitches!! Isn’t it funny how some things seem trickier than they really are? I do that all the time and then I do it and I’m like d’oh that was easy!! For years I was terrified of picots now I put them in even when they don’t need to be there!!! Love this yarn you’re using ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Oh I’m still struggling with picots. That’s actually why I didn’t like the border for this scarf – it uses picots, which look gorgeous in the picture, but when I tried them they just looked like weird wonky bumps. Maybe it’s just the kind of yarn I’m using…

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