(U)FO Friday

“Barring any major disasters”, I said. How’s that for famous last words?

This is the multi-faceted knot that I have now spent at least 4 hours trying to untangle:

Apparently some people enjoy unknotting yarn. I am not one of those people. The only reason I haven’t put this down to work on something more fun is because I know full well it would end up shoved to the bottom of my WIP drawer forever more. If I stop I will never want to start again!

So I will be spending my Friday night doing battle with a ball of sock yarn. What an exciting life I lead.

Who did better than me and managed to finish something this week? Any tips for dealing with mahoosive yarn knots? Let me know in the comments!




23 thoughts on “(U)FO Friday”

  1. Sometimes a strand of yarn gets caught in the middle of another strand. Check carefully to see if this has happened, otherwise all you will do is pull the same thing around in circles. This happens especially with yarns that split easily. It’s very annoying but fixable if you check and see this has occurred. Also, I’m so sorry you have to deal with that mess. Not fun at all!

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  2. I have been know as the yarn whisperer (mainly by me) because I’ve become so good at detangling yarn. I’m also known as the yarn-rescuer (again, mainly by me) because I can’t watch a good amount of yarn be thrown out just because it became a tangled mess. We’re talking about other peoples yarn, by the way. If I see them ready to toss it just because it’s tangled, I run at them yelling “nooooo, waaaaiiiiittttt” and rescue it before it hits the trash can. I generously give it back to its owner even though I spent oodles of time fixing it. πŸ™‚ I guess I’m in the ‘mostly don’t mind it’ camp of detangling.

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    1. Noooooo! You should have sent it to Yolanda :p Unless it was the really nasty, squeaky acrylic yarn I’d never throw it away just because of knots. Through stubbornness, if nothing else!


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