A cure for insomnia 

I’m not a brilliant sleeper. It usually takes me over an hour and 15 different positions before I finally get to sleep, and the slightest noise can have me wide awake in a second. But generally I still manage to get the 7.5 hours sleep I need to not bite everyone’s head off the next day.

Then there are the nights like last night. 2:00am was the last time I checked the clock, and then I stopped looking.

You may as well do something useful while you’re not sleeping, right? My initial plan was to get my existing cards listed, but as you can see from these photos the light was not even close to good enough for photographing stock.  Maybe I should invest in some spotlights for next time insomnia hits!

Birthday bird cages

Emma from Puddleside Musings introduced me to Jess Crafts and her “1 paper pack, x cards” youtube videos (go check them out, she got 27 cards out of one paper pack!), and that was my inspiration.


Obviously I didn’t make it to 27 cards, but then I don’t like making multiples of the same design so it took me a little longer.

Birthday leaves

This one if my favourite of the batch:


I also made these three earlier in the day



Including previous makes (the butterfly cards), that’s 11 I’ve made from this pack so far and I’m nowhere near finished. I’m enjoying the challenge of using the same elements in different ways.

What do you think of the cards? Not bad for a sleep-deprived and cranky crafter, right! What’s the highest number of cards you’ve managed to make from one paper pack? Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “A cure for insomnia ”

  1. I really like the one with the Scrabble letters. I already liked the butterfly one when you featured it before. I also have difficulty getting to sleep at night. Exercise helps. When I have time I go out in the afternoon for a looooooong walk on the trails. The days I can do this I find it easier to fall asleep, although just easier, it still takes a while.


      1. 😦 I used to run and then I got a funny knee as well. I’ve replaced running with hiking, which is lower impact. You can always go out for a walk! I hope your knee heals so you can get out there and enjoy.


  2. I’m lucky – I never have a problem falling asleep. But when I do occasionally have a problem with insomnia it makes me crazy!! I usually just get up and play video games until I can’t keep my eyes open. At least you got in some extra crafting time!! I love the colors and style of these cards. They’re pretty and sweet! 😀

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    1. Ah video games and scrolling on my phone make it worse for me, I have to go for crafting or reading something non-electronic. Not that it worked particularly quickly this time!
      They are very sweet, so much so that I’m dying to have a go with some proper bold papers, and get back to just plain zentangle as well.

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