FO Friday 18.08.17

I’m slowly but surely knocking some entries off my WIP list!

The star garland for my sister is finished, and all packed up ready to be posted. It’s wrapped in cellophane and really difficult to photograph, so no photos I’m afraid! Hopefully there will be some when it’s hung up in its new home. 

I managed to finish my tabby cat Lost In Time scarf at last.  I mean, there are a few ends that could do with sewing in, but it’s only for me so I’m counting it as done anyway. 

You may remember I was hoping to finish on a popcorn row. Well the yarn ran out on the row after a popcorn row, which I was initially miffed about. But looking at the finished item I can see it’s actually perfect.

The Scottish summer being what it is, I can start wearing this immediately. It’s so comfy.

And this peculiar lump is my first attempt at the granny square gift bag:

It’s just a prototype so there are lots of mistakes and I couldn’t be bothered sewing any ends in (are you noticing a theme?), but it’s a starting point.  

I can see that my idea will work, which is the most important point. Now it just needs tidying up a bit!

I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with all my projects at last 🙂

Who else has an FO to share? I’ve seen some gorgeous FOs on other people’s blogs. Any thoughts on the granny gift bag? Let me know in the comments! 



22 thoughts on “FO Friday 18.08.17”

  1. The shawl is so nice. I’m sure your sister will love it. The gift bag idea you have there is a good one. Good luck on getting the “final product” done. I think it will come in handy to know how to make one of those.

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  2. Hey there.. Well done on finishing off so many things! Tee hee on the ends… I know that feeling. I love the idea of your granny square gift bag. Just wondering if it would work to put a row of double crochet round the top of the bag before adding the handle?

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  3. That shawl is fantastic just the way it is Hannah! I was giggling because I have a sweater that I made a while ago that still needs 3 buttons sewn onto it and the ends from the sleeves never got weaved in. I still wear it anyways. I just tuck the yarn ends up the sleeves and only button the 3 buttons that I did manage to get onto it!! 😀
    The gift bag is a super cute idea! I may borrow your idea at Christmas to use for little gifts!! 😀

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