FO Friday 15.09.17

Only one FO this week, as I was ill for a wee bit and just slept the days away.

Well, I suppose technically it’s 6 FOs, isn’t it! These are my daisy squares to be sent down in time for the crochet-a-thon in October.

They’re so quick and fun to make, even if you’ve only got a spare 20 minutes you could whip one up. So if at all possible please consider making some daisies for Vicky, or buy a raffle ticket to win one of the finished blankets. It’s all for a good cause 🙂

I’m determined to get Squirtle finished up next, so I’ve made a deal with myself: for every part I sew onto Squirtle, I get to knit 2 rows of the Seafoam Scarf. I loooove knitting this scarf so I should be super motivated! This Sunday is looking like a blank slate so far so hopefully I should be able to tick this first Christmas present off my list. Wish me luck!

Who’s got some FOs to share? Got any yarny plans for the weekend?

Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “FO Friday 15.09.17”

  1. I love daisies and yours are fab!!! I don’t make very many amigurumi specifically because I don’t like sewing everything together. Great idea rewarding yourself with scarf time!! 😀

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    1. I’m not sure what to bribe myself with now I’ve finished both Seafoam scarves 😉 Although I’ve realised I actually don’t mind sewing the parts together (unlike sewing ends in. ugh), it’s just that I’m so worried about doing it wrong and ruining it and not being able to fix it. Stress! But I found a much neater stitch, which is easier to undo if I go wrong, so I don’t mind it too much now

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