FO Friday 06.10.17 (nearly)

As soon as you think you’ve got this scheduling thing figured out, along comes WordPress to prove you wrong!

Better late than never, here is my FO Friday post.

Only one FO this week, and you’ll have to excuse the photos as I’m both model and photographer and my arms are not quite long enough!

I finally finished up my scoodie and I’m loving it.

Blocking did straighten out the scarf part a very little, but in future I think I’ll just avoid the granny joining stitch and go for something straighter.

I particularly like the fit of the hood

Usually they barely fit over my head and keep sliding back so my ears are exposed (I must have a big noggin!) but this one has more than enough room.

I’d want something a bit brighter for myself, so this is going into the shop just as soon as my mannequin head arrives so I can get some decent photos. This thing does not look good flat.

Not quite as productive as last week, but then I have been taking my iron tablets and feeling quite a bit better.

What do you think of the scoodie? Anyone else got some FOs to share? Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “FO Friday 06.10.17 (nearly)”

    1. It really does! I didn’t even realise just how bad I was feeling until it started taking effect, and suddenly I felt human again. There’s still something lingering so I’ve been tested for glandular fever. I just want to be back to normal!

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  1. That’s so cool it’s the first time I hear about scoodies (I mean I saw your post when you were blocking it but I wasn’t too sure what it was then). It looks awesome!

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  2. I love this!! I heard of scoodies last year and made one but it’s not as flowy, soft and squishy looking as yours. I think I ended up pulling mine apart because it was too stiff looking. I think that color looks great on you but I think you’re right about a brighter color being better. The fit and style of it is perfect! 😀

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