WIP Wednesday 11.10.17

Current WIP count: 5

I’ve made a bit of progress on the doily. I was going for a very structured pattern of 2 rounds of colour, 1 round of neutral, but just yesterday I changed my mind. I want it a bit more random than that, so I threw in 3 rounds of brown and there will be at least one other in there somewhere.

The request was for the deep red in the middle, and whatever earthy, nature-y colours I fancied. I hope it’ll look okay in the end.

My copy of Love Crochet dropped through my letterbox yesterday. I have to say, for once I’m wildly unimpressed with the freebie.


But there is a pattern in the magazine for some really pretty crochet snowflakes, so I figured I’d leave the demon llama well alone and make some blue snowflakes instead. First up, a practice run with white cotton

I’ve never made snowflakes before so I don’t know if this method is standard. If it is, I’m glad I waited til my skills were a bit more advanced before having a go. I literally read the instructions through 4 times, going “all in the same stitch? All those picots, all in the same stitch?? I can’t be reading that right.” But we all know my visualisation skills are pants when it comes to crochet, so I dived in and hoped it would work out.

It was terribly fiddly, and I think my yarn is too thick, but it actually worked! I can see myself making lots of these in the coming months.

And my magic mum has done it again. After thinking about snowflakes all day, I arrived home to find that she had sent me this.

There will clearly be some snowflakes in my future!

So that’s what I’ve been doing. How’s this week going for everyone else? Working on something exciting? Let me know in the comments!



30 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 11.10.17”

    1. I shall tell her the internet loves her :p What pattern do you use for snowflakes? I quite like this one, but the arms are a bit rounded for my liking. I’m hoping they’ll get pointier with blocking.


  1. The llama made me burst out with laughter in front of my PC, it’s so ridiculous πŸ˜‰ sort of like these breeds of dogs that are so ugly that it makes them adorable πŸ˜‰
    I like the idea of blue snowflakes!

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    1. …. whooops, pressed enter before I was finished ….

      to continue: and left off that thing around it’s neck which connects to the ‘saddle’ (maybe a blanket?) … and then changed those over-long ears into shorter, little stubby ears, and added antlers … and even (possibly – if you wish) a red nose and perhaps nicer eyes, (maybe little beads), then you’d have a Reindeer! Way more Christmassy. πŸ˜€
      ~ Cobs. 🌻🌻

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      1. Hmmmmmmm I’m not sure. I dislike literally everything about it; the shape, the proportions, the colour, the weird blanket thing. It’d probably be quicker to scrap the whole thing and just make up my own pattern for a reindeer!

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  2. Awe I must be the only person who likes the lama! I think mexican chic is in this christmas, I went in to john lewis the other day to get lost amongst the christmas trees and they have a whole range in this mexican style. But I can see how it may not impress – its quite a niche style and most of us dont go out and do a different theme every year. It certainly wont suit most peoples christmas tastes!

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    1. Oh I’m all for non-traditional Christmas goodies, if it looked like an actual llama, and wasn’t such an odd shade of blue, I’d be fine. It’s the fact that it looks like the designer had llamas explained to them but never got to see one for themselves.


      1. Haha thats a pretty good description tbf! It could be a little more lama-esq thats for sure. Oh well, at least the rest of the stuff in the mag is cool! I love the advent calender and the bauble bunting and the angel and the lacy trees!

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    1. I nearly didn’t add it in, but I’m so glad I did! It looks much less iffy with the brown in.
      Fiddly stuff can be fun! I do balance it out with bigger things though, you can have too much of a good thing :p


  3. I have that book also! I’ve tried quite a few flakes from it but I don’t feel I’ve found the best cotton for the job yet. I get it with the picots – they’re not my favourite at the best of times. I think nearly every snowflake in the book has picots too! Are you going to block with a fabric stiffener/glue mixture? Let me know what technique you use, I’d be really interested to get your view on it. I used Aleene’s fabric stiffener last year and wasn’t too impressed with the results, not to mention the sticky mess! Perhaps I’ll try again but use less of the stiffener this time… Good luck with the doily it’s looking great!

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