Tangle of the week: Zenfiddle

Here is another tangle that I need to practice before I start using it on my stock.

Tutorial here to see what it should look like.

And here is my attempt:

I do know where I’m going wrong. Zenfiddle uses C-curves and S-curves, which I automatically form into actual letter Cs and Ss when writing them the ‘correct’ way round. Then it comes to drawing the mirror images, and suddenly they’re a lot less letter-like.

Its going to take practice, practice, practice to get them looking the same way forward and backward.

You may notice I also changed the little detail in the centre of the ‘fiddles’. There’s no technical reason for that, I just love the look of the tiny star-shapes better than the suggested flowery bits.

So what do you think of Zenfiddle? Let me know in the comments!



11 thoughts on “Tangle of the week: Zenfiddle”

  1. It feels like this would be complicated for me to do. I just know I’d end up going wrong somewhere in the middle. (and probably swearing about it! lol)

    I have a tendency to ‘vere’ off the straight and narrow, so I think I’d have to draw in some pencil lines first (using a very soft drawing pencil – so that it would be easy to erase when no longer needed), down the page, (and maybe across) so that I could keep on track (so to speak).

    Well done! ~ C. πŸ˜€

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      1. I love your tangles QWC .. they flow and are so free spirited.

        I’d just need the pencil lines because, although I wish I could, I’ve obviously got some sort of OCD for ‘straight’ which requires me to draw patterns such as zentagles, like soldiers standing in a row.

        I so admire the free flow that others can do and wish I could do it too. I’ve tried, and failed, and I’ve now accepted that I’m a freaky ‘everything exactly in line’ thing. lol

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