Tangle of the week: Fassett

A pattern is beginning to appear in my Zentangle preferences; I seem to particularly like those tangles that create shapes without actually drawing those shapes (I’m so good with words today…). Like my favourite, Paradox, which is triangles and straight lines, but produces curved arrows.


And now Fassett, which is only triangles and straight lines, but creates the illusion of flowers or stars.

You can find the tutorial here , along with some variations for how to use it.

I find I do much better using Fassett in a grid, just because I struggle to make the initial random triangles. And by ‘struggle’, I mean ‘make a complete mess, then end up scrapping it and starting again’. So grids it is!

There’s supposed to be no such thing as a mistake in tangling, but when my initial triangles come out so small I’ve got no hope of drawing another inside it, the pattern is really not going to work.

Is there some kind of method for creating random triangles that I don’t know about? If there is then someone please let me know!

What do you think of Fassett? Let me know in the comments!



8 thoughts on “Tangle of the week: Fassett”

  1. Hello Quiet WaterC.
    Well ….I absolutely adore Paradox. That is so so beautiful, and the lines flow. Just incredible.

    Fassett however … I can’t look at it for long as it gives me a kind of dizzy feeling in my eyes. I have no idea why for I’m a doodler of triangles.
    You know the type of thing … you’re sat, hanging on the phone, waiting for someone to come back to you …. and I pick up a pen … and doodle triangles.

    So I love triangles. You can go so many different places with them … but that Fassett pattern almost makes me feel drunk! lol.

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      1. No not allowed to drive at the moment QWC, I think that it’s going to be some time before the Dr gives the green light on that. That blackout really was rather serious, came on suddenly without any warning what-so-ever. So had I been driving at the time I might not just have taken my own life, but the lives of other people on the road too. So although I hate being driven around, I know it’s a very sensible decision.

        Paradox … I truly love that tangle. It’s so elegant and refined. It Paradox were a woman, she would be dressed in an elegant, long black, Oscar winners dress, with diamonds. Truly beautiful.

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