Tangle of the week: Vano

This week we’re looking at lovely round vano, tutorial here.

Being a perfectionist, I struggle with rounded tangles. They’re never perfectly circular, and when there’s more than one they’re never the same amount of not-circular.

But everybody knows perfectionism is actually not that great, and the only way I know of getting over it is ploughing on with non-perfect things and realising that they don’t cause the world to end.

So here we go. Done is better than perfect.

Many aspects of not perfectity (it’s totally a word)

I am quite pleased with the shading though.

What do you think of Vano? Any tips for getting rid of perfectionism? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Tangle of the week: Vano”

  1. Perfectionism … I am sad to say that I am wrapped up in it’s chains so can offer no help other than … RUN QWC … RUN. SAVE YOURSELF!!

    Vano … I like. The first drawing made me think of those box fans – great big things…. (apparently they’re very good).
    Then I followed the drawings down to the bottom, watching as you built up each ‘layer’, and by the time the last drawing came into sight I was a convert. I love it.

    Sadly … if I tried it … it would have to involve a tea cup and saucer, or if I was ‘going large’ a side plate and a dinner plate. I just can’t. I’ve tried and I just can’t.

    Like I said … SAVE YOURSELF!!
    Great Tangle. Well done! ~ Cobs. x

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