An FO catch up

You may have noticed I didn’t have an FO Friday last week. That’s because I was sent home ill from work, I face-planted my bed, and I slept.

So, since I don’t have a regular post on Tuesdays, and I just can’t wait to show off this pretty hat I made, I figured I’d catch up now.

So here it is:

Aren’t those colours just gorgeous!!

I totally gave up on ribbing the bottom; nothing I did looked right and I actually quite like it plain, so there it is.

This is the first pompom I’ve ever made myself (using cardboard circles because my pompom maker hasn’t arrived yet), and it came out a bit mutant at first

But a bit of work with the scissors soon sorted it out and now I’m really quite proud of it.

I struggled a bit to attach it securely though, it was really determined to flop about.

I’ve ordered some more of this yarn, and Mum has sent me a couple more skeins too, so I’ll definitely be making more of these to go in the shop.

What do you think of the hat? Any tips for attaching pompoms? Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “An FO catch up”

  1. Awesome hat! AS for attaching, start from the middle of the hat go through the middle of the pom pom etc and just keep sewing. I never got shown how to attach a pom pom so sorry i aren’t much help haha

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  2. I attach them with 2 tails of the thread a little more far apart from each other (like each of the yarn tails goes through the hat about 2 cm from the top). And once in despair I actually glued a pompom to a hat, but that’s not a method I recommend – you never know will how the glue react with the yarn 😉
    And I hope you get better soon, or that you’re fine already!

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  3. I just had a fifth grader show me up on how to make a pom pom look finished. I can make a pom pom, but they never look quite as good as those perfectly round ones you see in pictures. We were making pom poms for a project and she started cutting it and when she was done, it was perfect!


  4. What a tidy looking pompom!! Mine always come out floppy and sad looking. I just watched a video the other day using a cardboard circle and now I’m just waiting for a project to make that needs a pompom! 😀 I love love love the bright colors in this hat – it’s a Happy Hat!! 😀

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