WIP Wednesday 22.11.17

Current WIP count: 5

Not to cause mass panic or anything, but did you know it’s less than 5 weeks til Christmas? Argh!

My snowflake decorations are coming along nicely, but I’m beginning to despair of getting any light good enough to take photos of them. I bought a ring-light in the hope that it would help, but of course I was sent a dud and it doesn’t work. Sigh.

My hat-obsession continues and there’s yet another one on my needles, plus I’m onto my second crocheted santa hat having finally finished one I was happy with.

I also out-cuted myself with this newborn/preemie hat. It is so tiny!

This weekend will be super busy with my choir’s 15 year anniversary concert, and singing at the switch-on of some Christmas lights, plus my parents staying with me. But after that I really need to get cracking with my Christmas presents. There will be a list, and I will stick to it!

What’s everyone else working on this week? Anyone else considering taking a holiday from work just to catch up on crochet?? let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 22.11.17”

  1. Love the tiny hat! I’m at 35 weeks today and have been having early labor signs on and off. I’ve got a couple of tiny hats ready, just in case. If we don’t need them, I can leave them for the NICU! I’m working on baby blankets and winter hats this week. I can’t even wrap my head around Christmas

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