WIP Wednesday 27.12.17

Current WIP count: 6

I have a confession to make. This is the current state of my snorlax gift

Two days past Christmas and he still needs an arm and two feet attached.


My problem is I’ve crocheted him so tightly that I snapped two needles trying to sew the parts together.

I’m currently using this beastie, which seems rather difficult to snap even if I tried.

But it’s still hard going and impossible to rush the job. He will be finished before I head back to Glasgow though.

I’m also working on some more fingerless bottle warmers for a friend. These are deliberately late, as I knew I wouldn’t see her until later in the week.

My brother loved his pokemon amis, and made them his cover photo on Facebook as soon as he opened them. I also made a little something for my mum and a family friend, which I’ll share on Friday, and they loved them too. I am so happy when people like my makes.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and that you managed to finish all your presents on time!



8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 27.12.17”

  1. There is no higher compliment than having a handmade gift make Facebook:)
    I don’t knit gifts that have a firm deadline if I can help it. It’s too stressful and I always end up hating the last few hours of the project.

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  2. I gave a friend a piece of pretty yarn sewn onto a gift card one year – I was late finishing – so it was an ‘IOU’ – she didn’t mind, said it was worth the wait. I guess if you plan to see people after the date then that’s even better!

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  3. Your Snorlax will be great when it’s done. You may regret crocheting too tightly, but with amigurumi, usually, the firmer the better! The finished product will last a looooong time.

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