WIP Wednesday 10.01.18

Current WIP count: 6

I’m still plugging away at my swirl hat, and I looooove the way the colours are coming out.

Isn’t it pretty! There’s another stripe of green and yellow coming up and I’m excited to get it in there. I know, simple things πŸ˜‰

I’ve also started another virus shawl with my sparkly blue yarn.

It’s really interesting repeating a pattern after several months have passed. I made my first virus shawlΒ back in July last year and I didn’t exactly struggle with it, but there were several points where I wasn’t entirely sure of myself.

There were times I wasn’t sure which stitch I should be working into so I had to count them, for every single repeat of every single row. I had to keep the chart near me at all times so I could check what I was doing every 5 minutes. No wonder it took me so long!


Fast forward to today, and I’m wondering how I ever struggled. It seems glaringly obvious which stitch I’m supposed to be working, and I’m racing along with barely a glance at the chart.Β Β  It’s great to have actual proof that I’m improving!


This one has a deadline so I’ll be focussing on it until it’s finished, and then I’ll get on with finishing my swirl hat (and everything else on my WIP list. Ahem).

That’s what I’m working on this week! How’s your week going? Got some WIPs to share? Let me know in the comments!



26 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 10.01.18”

    1. I just had a terrible two rows and ended up with 3 extra stitches somehow, I think I fixed it but I really hope it doesn’t completely mess up the pattern of the swirls! I guess I shouldn’t have tried to knit while watching the finale of The Flash πŸ˜‰


  1. Loooove the hat, and can see, easily, why you love it. It looks so stylish, and because of the swirly knitting design, the changes in the colours don’t come over as separate colours, but like flowing waves of an incredible rainbow known only to the Land of the Fae! I love it Hannah. BIG time.

    Ahh …. but the shawl. Ohhhh the shawl. I’ve only recently come to know the need and benefit of a shawl, having only just bought myself one. Your shawl is AMAZING! I love the colours and the design. Ohh well done you clever thing.

    As someone who can only knit in a straight line (if you want a scarf I’m your [wo]man!), I can appreciate the work which had gone into both the hat and the shawl, and I think they’re both totally incredible. Love them. Well done ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Thank you, lovely Cobs πŸ™‚ I’m totally calling it my Fae hat now! The fabby thing about my virus shawl is I can wear it as an actual shawl when I want to be a bit fancy, but I can also wrap it round as a giant triangle scarf for everyday keeping warm. This one is for a friend and I really hope she will love it as much as I love mine

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