Winner, winner

I am officially no longer allowed to say that I never win anything. Inspired by a conversation I had on Yolanda’s blogiversary giveaway (go check it out!), here’s a round up of my blogging wins from last year.

From Cherry Heart Blog I won a copy of Colourful Crochet by Marianne Dekker-Roos.

Even more wonderful, I immediately started a puff stitch scarf and when it started to go a peculiar shape I sent a message to Marianne on Instagram, and she answered me!! She talked me through it and we had a lovely conversation, and I basically felt like I was dreaming. I had a crochet conversation with a crochet superstar. Wow.

When Julias creative year had a blogiversary giveaway I knew instantly which card was my favourite, but also that I would have been happy if I won any of the lovely prizes. Then the results day came, and would you believe I won my favourite.

I was introduced to I am simply hooked through Stitching Santa (which is brilliant by the way – you should totally join this year!), and I really enjoyed reading and commenting on lots of posts. Then Jenny had a giveaway for guessing which of her items sold best. It was actually really hard to decide and I dithered for ages between the jellyfish and the cute spiders. In the end I went for jellyfish and I was right, hooray!

My prize was one of the fab jellyfish, which is now hanging quite happily from my pull-up bar.

He helps me get stronger


And finally – remember I made some Daisies for Vicky?

These were sent down to England to be made into a blanket, which would then be raffled off to raise money for Victim Support. People could donate any amount they wanted, and every £1 was one entry into the raffle.

I think I donated £2 just to bring the total up to a round number, and with absolutely no expectation of winning when there were people who donated £10 or £20 or even more. But guess what?

Totally won!


Lynda’s Craft Room did an unbelievable job of joining the squares together, it’s so neat!! Then Lisa from the Wee House of Crochet sent it over and I have not stopped admiring it since.

Before anyone asks, yes I did do the lottery last year (several times) and no I didn’t even win a tenner. I suppose you can’t win them all!

So that was my incredibly lucky 2017. Did anyone else win last year? Let me know in the comments!



14 thoughts on “Winner, winner”

  1. Congratulations on your winning streak! Marianne and I spent the day together in Amsterdam just as she was finishing her book but it hadn’t yet been printed, which was a shame as I was hoping to get her to sign a copy. I’ve since bought it but haven’t made anything from it as yet – too many projects on the go!

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  2. Ohhh Hannah! What great luck, and what incredible prizes.

    The book looks fabulous. Like one of those books you keep on the coffee table and look through for your next ‘thing’. GREAT win! And how lovely of her to help you when you got into a pickle and chat with you over instagram! Such a really nice lady.

    Adore the daisies and love how they were made into a magical throw. I think I’d put that over the back of my sofa so that I could admire it all day long (and obviously show it off lol).

    The Octopus is so so cute, and he looks really at home on that bar – as if it’s been his home all along!
    Well done you on your fabulous wins. What a really great way to begin 2018. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a good one for you Hannah.

    Sending hugs, squidges and lots of love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. I keep flicking through the book and adding even more to my to-make list! It’s just so pretty and everything looks amazing.
      The blanket lives on the sofa, except when it’s keeping me warm. We have snow at the moment so it’s having to work hard. I’m having fun seeing if I can tell which squares were made by the same person – especially tricky if they made them in different colours like I did.
      I hope this will be a good year, for me and for you and for everyone in my bloggy family 🙂


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