New stitches: Tunisian crochet simple stitch

Months ago I got a magazine with a free Tunisian crochet hook. I tried it with some cheap, nasty, splitty yarn so of course I struggled, and I put it down for ages.

Then this weekend just gone, a suggested video popped up to learn the Tunisian simple stitch. As you may have guessed, I clicked on it!

This stitch is so easy, I picked it up straight away (so it definitely was the yarn’s fault last time) and whacked out this swatch.

My first ever swatch. So proud. I really love the texture of it, but also I suuuuuper hope that blocking sorts out the curl. This thing is convinced it’s meant to be a sausage roll.

I’m assuming there are other, more complicated stitches that require a double-ended hook, but this just uses one end like regular crochet. I’ll be looking up more stitches soon enough!

I’ve fallen completely in love with this, so keep an eye out for some Tunisian WIPs in the future.

Has anyone else tried Tunisian? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments!




27 thoughts on “New stitches: Tunisian crochet simple stitch”

  1. I have a full set of Tunisian crochet hooks that I was given as a present… not tried it yet though! I got a free Craftsy class with an order I placed and I chose the Tunisian crochet one… hmmm… wonder if I can find some time this week?

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  2. I just taught a beginning Tunisian class at the LYS where I work this past week. It’s nice and sturdy with so much texture. The Tunisian Simple Stitch looks amazing with a variegated yarn. Tunisian tends to curl a lot. I’ve recently read that a base-chain crochet start will help with the curling. Also using a larger hook than the yarn would usually call for can help. You can find lots of great ideas on Pinterest and Ravelry (under crochet techniques). The Tunisian Knit Stitch looks just like knitting until you flip it over. Have fun exploring a new technique.

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  3. Your swatch is beautiful, nicely done! I love the sparkly yarn! The right yarn really does make a difference when learning stitches! I’ve dabbled in Tunisian crochet, although not double-ended crochet yet. It’s next on my list to learn. My favorite Tunisian stitch is definitely the knit stitch, just because I love the look of knitting. Can’t wait to see your future adventures in Tunisian crochet! πŸ™‚

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  4. I actually have an ear warmer on a tunisian hook that has been sitting there for at least three months. It seems to take twice as long using this method. It also seems to hurt my wrist, but I may be imagining this because although I love the look, it is not very exciting to do, at least for me.
    Congrats on learning something new!

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  5. I love the yarn you’ve used for your swatch! I’ve actually only done a swatch with Tunisian crochet as well, but I own a lot of hooks that my grandma gave me πŸ™‚ I don’t really know why I haven’t made more projects with it, because I really liked it! Maybe sometime this year πŸ™‚

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  6. Tunisian crochet is equal to regular crochet in terms of love from me. I usually solve the curl with some sort of regular crochet stitch along the curl. I like to make toys and dolls with tunisian so I don’t usually need to worry about the curl.

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