New stitches: Tunisian knit stitch, and…?

Tunisian is so much fun, I decided to learn another stitch this week. Quite a few people mentioned the knit stitch after my last post, and I love the regularity of knit stitches, so I decided to give it a go.

Turns out it’s not as easy as the simple stitch (shocking, right?), and at first I made a whole swatch using…I don’t actually know if it’s a real thing.

For the knit stitch you’re supposed to pass the hook through the loop of the previous round, right here:


I totally misunderstood the tutorial (it wasn’t great) and went through the space at the side of the loop, like so:


Which meant that I had to increase one stitch every single row or skip one at the start, which gave me a very wonky-edged swatch. It did look pretty though.


But considering I’ve never seen knitting like that in my life I figured I must have got it wrong. I frogged it, found a better tutorial, and had another go.


Much better! That’s the column layout I’ve come to know and love, so I’m now officially adding the Tunisian knit stitch to my repertoire.

Does anyone know if my first attempt was a different stitch or did I just make a mess? What do you think of the actual knit stitch? Let me know in the comments!




18 thoughts on “New stitches: Tunisian knit stitch, and…?”

  1. Both of your swatches look lovely! The Tunisian knit stitch took me a while to get the hang of, too. It’s really hard to see where to insert your hook! I’m pretty sure your first swatch is actually a stitch, but I can’t remember the name. If it’s not an “official” stitch, it should be! It looks really cool! Yay for inventing new stitches while learning a technique. 🙂

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        1. Black jacks are my FAVOURITE! I didn’t know they still made them! I must go on a quest to find some :p
          I don’t actually find Sugar n Cream that soft, possibly because it’s so thick. I like it for shopping bags/coasters/amigurumi but the scarf I made using it isn’t actually that great.


          1. They are amazing, imagine one big black jack??? OH MY!!! a little paper shop does them but i am pretty sure you can get packs of them from supermarkets? But at Christmas i got my sweets from here – they do them bloody bubble gums!!! but i bet you can get them cheaper – Ahhh maybe it will soften after a wash? It’s good to have a yarn strong for bags etc.. hmmm i don’t want it now LOLOL

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  2. I got into Tunisian crochet because of the knit stitch. I don’t knit and found a pattern for a phone case that I loved. It said it was crochet but it looked like knitting. I wanted to make it so I learned Tunisian and the rest is history. 🙂


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