WIP Wednesday 07.02.18

Current WIP count: 5

I managed to cross some WIPs off my list over the weekend, so of course I started a couple more!

Having learned a raft of new Tunisian skills on Saturday, I’ve decided to embark on my first proper item of clothing; a long-sleeved top.

There’s not much to show yet, just the start of one sleeve

Because I’m me and I just love to run as soon as I can walk, I’m making it a rainbow top. You can see that the first section is pink and purple, and I’ve just started the next section which will be purple and blue. The one after that will be blue and green, and so on.

These are the colours I’ll be using

In reverse order because the sleeves are done from the cuff up.

I also started another tube hat, just for something simple to do at choir and on the subway. It’s basic knitting in a rather dull grey colour so no photos yet. I might crochet a bright flower and sew it on, give it a pop of colour.

So that’s what I’m working on. How’s everyone’s week going so far? What are you working on? Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 07.02.18”

    1. Me neither, and it took me a wee while to understand how it worked, but I’ve got it now and it’s so simple!
      I just love rainbows, I’d never make anything in a neutral colour if it were up to me πŸ˜€


        1. Oh at least 30% magic πŸ˜‰ I’ve heard Tunisian called a cross between knitting and crochet, but to me it’s definitely entirely crochet.
          The part where the sleeve starts getting interesting is just 2together followed by a yarn over, repeated all the way around – so simple but so interesting to look at!

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  1. Your top is going to be stunning! I have been itching to make a Tunisian sweater I saw a pattern for that has the same color idea: vertical bars one color and stitches in between another color.

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    1. Thank you! I confess I’m so new to Tunisian I had no idea how the stitches were constructed so I didn’t realise I’d end up with bars one colour and stitches another. But I’m loving the look of it and I can’t wait to get more colour changes in πŸ™‚

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