Giveaway time!

Today is my one year blogiversary, yaaaay! Gosh that went quickly. I’ve loved every post, every comment I’ve received, and every friend I’ve made so far. Here’s to many more years, posts, and especially friends.

I’m going to do a giveaway to celebrate, and I bet you want to know what the prize is, don’t you?

Well… I actually don’t know yet!  I’m about to go on my travels to New Zealand, and while I’m there I’ll be keeping my eyes open for something lovely to get as a prize.  Remembering all the beautiful things I saw last time, I think I’ll struggle to decide on just one thing!

So if you want to enter my Mystery Blogiversary Giveaway, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Live on the Earth (yep, anywhere as long as you have a postal address)
  2. Like this post
  3. Leave a comment telling me where in the world you would visit, if money were no object
  4. Do steps 1-3 by February 27th

That’s two weeks for you guys to enter and for me to find something I know you’ll love. Everyone who enters will be assigned a number, then on the 28th I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner and announce them right here.

Eeeeh I’m excited already.

Thank you everyone for welcoming me into the crafty blogging family, and good luck to you!




32 thoughts on “Giveaway time!”

  1. OK, so as of today, I am a card carrying human. If I continue to binge-watch the X-Files, that may change. Rather than try to explain where I would love to visit, I will share the website because it is JUST. THAT. BEAUTIFUL. We stayed here on our honeymoon 3 years ago; it is just outside the walls of the city of Siena. I cried when we left. Truefax.

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  2. Congratulations. A year feels really significant doesn’t it? I’m glad you’re here in the blogging world.
    I have way too many places I would like to visit, so, if money were no object I would travel round the world. I’d make sure I got stops in New Zealand and Australia, do a train journey through India, stop in Africa somewhere for a safari, visit Cape Verde, go to norway and out on a boat to view the northern lights, and spend time on carribean islands. I’d go back to South America and travel north from Argentina, stopping in Peru and columbia to visit two of the children I sponsor, and I’d go to Haïti to visit the other one. I’d finish it all off with a week relaxing in the south of France. Oooh dear…. Definitely got itchy feet now!
    Have an absolutely fantastic time in nz. I can’t wait to hear about it

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  3. Happy Blogversary, Hannah! It has been fun to follow along your knitting and crochet projects. Here’s to wishing you many more! My answer to the giveaway question is…. Hm….. I think I’d like to visit Scandinavia, maybe Sweden. I’d like to visit all the cool yarn shops, for one, and maybe run into some reindeer. 🙂 Cheers.

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  4. Congratulations. It was my blogs 1 year birthday Sunday just gone. I would love to do a world trip, and visit places like china, japan, australia, new zealand, north america, canada, carribean islands, and morrocco and probably other areas of Africa and i cant forget iceland for the northern lights as well as norway and Sweden.

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  5. Yay, congratulations! If it were a place, I would actually want to go New Zealand. Lord of the rings is my all time favourite film and I want to visit every location and do the mordor walk, sadly it will never happen for me cause I never really have money, but just to stand where they filmed and take in all the beautiful sights would be my only wish. Have a great trip love and be safe xo

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  6. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary!
    If I could travel to anywhere, I would want to visit Japan because there are so many unique places like Tokyo, the castles, temples, Mount Fuji, Rabbit island, etc.

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      I’ve actually never planned to visit Australia, but I’ve got quite a long stopover in Sydney on the way to NZ so I might just pop out and have a look around. Yaaaaas to Hobbiton, I hope you do see it one day because it’s amazing!

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