WIP Wednesday 14.01.18

Current WIP count: 6

Oh I am enjoying working on this Tunisian top. Just look at the pretty colours!


When I was planning it out, I actually didn’t understand the construction of Tunisian stitches so I didn’t know it would come out with one colour on the vertical bars and the other on the horizontal stitches. But the more I look at it, the more I like it.

It’s also given me an idea for another one (I have a baaad case of start-itis that I’m trying to resist!) – I would keep the rainbow colours for the stitches, but use black yarn for the vertical bars. I reckon that would look even better.

My WIP count has gone down thanks to some frogging rather than finishing. The grey knitted hat was turning out absolutely massive, big enough to fit a baby elephant massive, so I frogged it and I’ve put the yarn aside for another project. I don’t think it wanted to be a hat after all.

And I haven’t really touched anything else, Tunisian is strangely addictive! So that’s my week so far. What’s everyone else working on? And what do you think of my black rainbow top idea? Let me know in the comments!



12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 14.01.18”

  1. Love the look! Tunisian is my fall back technique. I know I will always get some satisfaction from a Tunisian project. Where knitting makes me second guess myself and traditional crochet gets boring.


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