Tangle of the week: Florz

There is no tutorial for this tangle (it’s pretty obvious, really), but you can check out the official page here.




Nice and simple, but also pretty easy to jazz up if I want to, with gems or pearls at the crossovers rather than just filled in squares, or highlighting some of the lines with gold or silver gel pens. Simple, but pretty effective! Which you will see, just as soon as I get my shop updated….


So what do you think of Florz? Any other ideas for fancying it up? Let me know in the comments!




4 thoughts on “Tangle of the week: Florz”

  1. That’s very pretty. It seems familiar to me, but I don’t know where I may have seen that design. I can picture it with beads at the intersecting points, though.


  2. In its plain form it reminds me of the tiles we have on the walls in my bathroom. They’re just different colors. It might be cool to stamp something different in the middle of each white square. Like, you could do different animals, or different types of flowers, whatever theme you want to follow.

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      1. I often look at my bathroom wall and think about how cute it would be with a sticker in the middle of each diamond.


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