WIP Wednesday 21.03.18

Current WIP count: 6

I’m still working on these dratted bootees. I keep thinking I’m done with one, but then I look at it the next day and it’s just not right.


Right now I’m not 100% happy with the shaping at the front, but I might just let it go.

The baby isn’t due until June so I’ve also spent a bit of time on my Tunisian jumper and the chevron blanket. This is where my sleeve is up to.

I’m on the last section, just a few more rows and I start all over again with the next sleeve!


And I’m on to the final white section of the blanket. I’ll save photos for Friday because it will be finished.

That’s what I’m working on this week, how about you? Got any thoughts on the bootees shape? Let me know in the comments!



18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 21.03.18”

  1. problem with booties . . . now you need to make the second one to match lol. I always have a problem when crocheting amigurumi feet, and usually end up making THREE to then choose a matching pair lol.

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  2. The jumper looks great! I crocheted baby booties once and had similar problems. No matter how many times I frogged them, they never looked the same and the shape was a bit off. No idea why or how to prevent it…

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