FO Friday 30.03.18

Happy good Friday everyone!

My scrappy blanket was so addictive that I’ve finished it already, sewn in ends and all.

It did help that I only had 4 ends to sew in: start and finish of the main blanket, plus start and finish of the border.

I use the fisherman’s knot to join my yarn together, so there were no ends to sew for the colour changes.

The border is nice and simple, just two rows of granny stitch in white to balance out all the colours in the main part.


So that’s it finished and ready to go for charity, in less than a week. Don’t you just love grannies?

Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day watching Moana and having a spring clean. Living the life!ย What’s everyone else been working on? Got any fun plans for this weekend? Let me know in the comments!



16 thoughts on “FO Friday 30.03.18”

  1. What a great make! I am planning to crochet some hats for charity and get on with my very first top-down jumper… knitted in the round so there will be no seams (yay!)
    Being self-employed there is no such thing as a bank holiday so there will also be work… sigh

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    1. Aw sorry you didn’t get the bank holiday, but if your weather was anything like ours then at least you didn’t miss out too much!
      My jumper is in the round too, but I will have to attach the sleeves at some point. I love the sound of no seams!


  2. This looks great! What type of yarn did you use? Have you used that type of knot before? I think I have (or something similar) and some came undone; I think it was due to the type of yarn I used. Now I am a bit gun shy.


    1. It’s all 100% acrylic as far as I know. Some of it is pretty old! I always use that kind of knot and it’s not come undone so far, I shall have to do some more rigorous testing and see if they do let go.


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