WIP Wednesday 18.04.18

Current WIP count: 6

I hit a bit of a snag with my Tunisian jumper, which serves me right for not reading the pattern fully before I started. I thought the section I’m working on now was the whole body piece, and I calculated the number of rows of each colour accordingly. Turns out this section only goes up to joining the sleeves and there’s a whole other section for the yoke.

So I had to frog aaaaaaall the way back to the first colour combo, leaving me with this.

Oh well, next time I will definitely remember to read the whole pattern first!

I’ve also been playing around with cables on a super duper simple cowl, using my favourite Lion Brand Landscapes colourway.


It looks like a skirt right now because my circulars are so small, but trust me it’s a cowl!

I could really do with a row counter for this so I don’t have to keep going back and counting them manually every time I lose track, but hey, first world problems! It’s just a bit of fun for myself to practise my cabling, so I’m not terribly bothered if I go a bit wrong.

So that’s my WIPs for this week. What’s everyone else working on? Having a good week now the cold has finally naffed off? Let me know in the comments!





14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 18.04.18”

  1. I hate when that happens (not reading the entire pattern. Just finished a shawl where I did not read the entire pattern and was confronted with lace charts to finish. Good news is that I now read charts! That lion brand is FABULOUS! Good luck on your Tunisian.

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  2. Looking good 🙂 its so lovely to see the tunisian grow, even if you had to frog it. I am glad its getting nicer out, but i feel as though spring has gone awol. Whwre I am it went from winter coats to shorts and a vest top in only 1 week!

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    1. After another weekend of nothing but Outlander and crochet, I’ve just passed where I got up to last time!
      We’ve had one day of shorts weather so far this year. That was probably our summer :p


  3. I love the colours in that cowl 😍 and I feel so sad for you about the sweater, but you’ve been smashing it so I’m sure it will grow back in no time

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  4. Shame you had to rip it back! I guess a lesson learned. I am guilty of not reading patterns right through sometmes, always in a hurry to start a new project. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I was working on a pattern translated from another language, not written the way I was accustomed to. I gaily knitted along then at the end of a huge section I read ‘at the same time, do x’ – of course I hadn’t read that part and hadn’t done ‘x’ at all. Oops!

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