WIP Wednesday 02.05.18

Current WIP count: 6

Isn’t crafting magic? This week I’ve supported a friend dealing with depression, found out that the last nice person at my work will be emigrating to Germany this year, and that one of my best friends will be moving down South permanently. Possibly this weekend.  And I’m not curled up in a ball under my duvet right now because each time I went straight to my knitting and crochet and found my place of calm.

Of course I still cried, but I was able to slow down and focus on the good times I’ve had with my friends rather than going over and over how much I wish they could stay/be well again.

Plus I’ll always have my blogging family, right!


So this is where I’m up to with my Whimsy Cowl after all the sad-knitting, able to sort of see what the pattern looks like



I’m getting right into it now, and starting to recognise the structures that can tell me which round I’m on without having to constantly check my tally. I’ve also decided that just the one colour is too dull so I’m adding in the purple when the end of this ball starts approaching.

This has of course taken some of my attention away from the Tunisian jumper, so there’s not a great deal of progress to talk about on that one. I’ve done maybe three or four rounds since last time.

I’ve set myself a mini goal of doing at least 2 rounds per day just to keep it progressing, otherwise I’ll forever be distracted by more interesting projects and it’ll never be finished.

That’s what I’ve been doing this week. What’s everyone else been working on? Let me know in the comments!



17 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 02.05.18”

  1. It’s sad when your whole world seems like it’s turning upside down. Well done for not wallowing, the few tears mean you care. And getting out the knitting sticks for some comfort – what a good call – if it were me I would have had a big slab of chocolate beside me too!

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  2. Aw sorry that its a bit cray cray for you! Holla for a dolla if you want a chat.
    That being said, i love that colour blue, the purple will be a nice addition as well 😀

    P.S you will always have your blogging famalam… peace up a town

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  3. I had a pretty sad week, too. Focusing strongly on my crochet project helped. We’re lucky to have our crafts, aren’t we?
    Also, love the cowl and the colour of the yarn! And I hope you’re feeling much better now!

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  4. always sad to see friends move away, but with Skype, hopefully you’ll be able to stay in touch and maybe even go to visit them in their new homes?

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  5. Crafting definitely is magic, it’s amazing how much calmer you can feel after a few rows. I hope you can visit your friends when they are settled in, it’s the great thing about having friend all over, it makes for awesome holidays 😘

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