FO Friday 11.05.18

Ooh just sneaking in before midnight.

Here’s a picture of my finished Whimsy Cowl, although I do still need to block it:


I am loving the two colours together, that was definitely the right choice to make. It might look a wee bit of a messy transition right now, but I’m hoping that blocking will make it show up properly. We shall see.

Any tips on blocking 100% alpaca? I’m very scared of spoiling it!



16 thoughts on “FO Friday 11.05.18”

  1. Block carefully, dampen well, do not steam! So weird how knitting often doesn’t look good until it’s blocked – I hate blocking but it’s part of the process. Love the colours of your cowl.

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    1. No fear of that, I’ve never dared steam anything yet! I actually quite like blocking – it’s a bit of a faff pinning bigger things out, but it’s so worth it to see the magic happen ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I get impatient whilst waiting for it to dry when I’m blocking something, and also never sure where to leave it where the family won’t be bothered by it. The dining table has it’s uses – usually my crafting rather than dining! When I was really young I actually ironed a baby jumper I’d made, including the ribbing – what a disaster – flattened beyond repair! oops!

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