FO Friday 01.06.18

So I could have shared my sunhat last week because it was finished.


But…I kinda hate it.


I said I like floppy sunhats, but it turns out you can have too much flop. This just looks ridiculous.

Unimpressed face


Yeah I totally hate it. I’m getting rid of this one. On the plus side it’s a WIP off my list so I don’t need to feel guilty about having cast on another knitting project!

Has anyone had a good finish this week? Or even a mediocre one? Give me some good news!



11 thoughts on “FO Friday 01.06.18”

  1. Before you give up on it altogether, you could try starching the brim and letting it dry in the shape you want it to have. It’s cotton, right? Cotton responds pretty well to starch. There are even synthetic products that imitate starch if you’re worried about residue. Anyway, at least it’s done! Yay!

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  2. I had the same thought as Tony, a little starch might fix it. I haven’t made much at home, but at work, I finished two phone cases and some small graduation caps for our 5th graders. I’m thinking of starting up a new mermaid costume. I’m still dreaming it up so I’m not sure when I’ll start it. πŸ™‚

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