FO Friday 08.06.18

My FOs are not going well at the moment.

My top is finished, and I got the extra length on it, but I still don’t like it.

It looks nice enough laid out like that, but when I put it on it’s just not right.

The edging is pretty though.

I’m still going to make another one in cotton and I have a couple of ideas to try to improve the fit, we’ll see how they work out.

Next week I’m determined to finish something I actually like!

Anyone else got an FO to share? Any fun plans this weekend? Let me know in the comments!



11 thoughts on “FO Friday 08.06.18”

  1. Hi Hannah – it really is too bad that you don’t like it on. It does look adorable 😊
    I hate when that happens, especially when you put so much work into it!
    Best of luck for the next project! 😍
    I have nothing finished as of right now. I’m working on a ‘Stashbuster Sweater’ and a wallhanging…simultaneously. I have both sitting by my chair and am going back and forth 😁

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