Tangle of the week: Maryhill

I’ve got another Tangle with personal meaning this week.


When I first moved to Glasgow (gosh, nearly 8 years ago now) my Mum’s Scottish colleague said I would be fine as long as I avoided two areas of the city; Easterhouse and Maryhill. I was a good girl and only searched for flats in the West End, found a room for rent, and moved in.

It was several months later that I discovered the line between the West End and Maryhill is pretty fuzzy, and I was actually staying in the latter. Bad daughter. But it was actually a really nice street, obviously I didn’t die, and that flat was the gateway to me staying in Glasgow permanently so I’ll always have a soft spot for Maryhill.

Which brings me to the Tangle. Not only does it remind me of my first place up here, it’s also one of those magical patterns that creates a shape without me explicitly drawing it. Here’s the link to the official tutorial.

And here’s my first ever attempt.




It’s good aura practice.



The pinwheel is easier to see when the image is smaller. I need to try it with other shapes as well to see if the same rule applies.


Shading also helps.

It’s not quite as magical as Paradox, but it has the same meditative quality to it and I do love pinwheels so I’ll definitely be using it in the future.

So that’s Maryhill! What do you think? Can you see the pinwheel? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Tangle of the week: Maryhill”

  1. Yes I can see it! That’s a great one:)
    My husband and I also lived in the “bad” part of town when we got married. We moved from Massachusetts to California for his Air Force Training. We rented a little apartment in a nice looking complex right next door to a smaller complex that had been the scene of a murder the month before. We had no idea. A couple of years later we were somewhat surprised to see our complex on the show Cops.

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    1. Oh my. I guess that can happen anywhere though, and it’s not like they put that kind of thing in the advert!
      I’m glad you can see the pinwheel, while I was tangling I couldn’t see it at all so when I got to the end I thought maybe I was just seeing it because I really wanted it to be there. But yay it actually is there!

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