FO Friday 20.07.18

I think I’ve finished my bunny blanket this week. I’m undecided about the lack of facial features.

Half of me thinks it’s cute, the other half is worried that it looks a bit scary.

But I’m so pleased I managed to sort out my maths and make it a ripple blanket rather than the 5-pointed star. And that the head is now exactly what I imagined when I started. Totally worth the frogging!

What do you think? Is the face cute or creepy? Let me know in the comments!




22 thoughts on “FO Friday 20.07.18”

  1. It is kind of both – cute and scary! – can you make a more smiley mouth maybe? It’s always difficult to make toys faces look right – that’s why I don’t make them. I know that the cuddlies with the attached animals are loved by little ones though. x

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  2. This is so cute! Not scary at all. Don’t worry about a lack of facial features; after much love, those things are the first to go! Someone is going to be very, very happy snuggling up to the bunny blanket!!

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