FO Friday 26.10.18

I finished one robin for my Mum, aside from the pompom on his hat. I’ve never made a mini pompom before so I may yet end up buying some.


As usual, my second attempt was much better.


I so prefer the second one, I’m actually considering unpicking the first one and moving the eyes closer together. They’re just slightly too low and wide for my liking.


Hopefully I can get the third one finished up ready to give them all to my Mum this weekend. I’m going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow and I’m trying to work out whether it’s acceptable to knit during the ceremony…


So that’s my FOs for this week. Anyone else finished something? Got some fun plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments!




14 thoughts on “FO Friday 26.10.18”

  1. Oh well these are cute, cute idea for christmas tree and teacher presents. Have you got the pattern please? I am currently loom knitting a hat for a xmas present.hoping to get it fibish tonight when the children are in bed.


      1. I had a look at my digital copy amd yes it is a free gift and thinj the pattern was in a seperate blooket, which isnt in the digital copy i have. Thats a shame. I have plenty of christmas patterns to do.

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