FO Friday 30.11.18

They’re finally finished! I have a matching pair of Lingonberry Frostvirka mittens!!

Man am I happy to get these off the hook, they might be the most stressful project I’ve ever made. Crochet is meant to be the opposite of stressful!

The offending thumbs

But they’re done now and they do look pretty, so it’s still a win.

I’m looking forward to handing them over to their new owner. She asked for mittens, but didn’t specify colour or style, and I’ve kept them secret (she doesn’t read my blog) so they’re still going to be a surprise. I love giving surprises!

If anyone’s interested, I made these using Women’s Institute Soft & Silky in Amethyst and Cream. A gorgeous colour combo if I do say so myself.

Now, on to the next Christmas present!



11 thoughts on “FO Friday 30.11.18”

  1. Gorgeous mitts, Hannah! I can’t believe how wonderful that texture and pattern are (and I always struggle with thumbs, too). I’m sure the recipient of mitts will love and cherish them. Thanks for the bit of Handel’s musical uplift, too – absolutely fitting for this stunning FO and put a smile on my face. šŸ™‚

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  2. Yay congrats on the finish they are really pretty! Never done crochet mittens but knitted ones are also so fiddly when you get to the fingers. Iā€™m sure the recipient will love them

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