WIP Wednesday 30.01.19

Current WIP count: 2

Look at that short little WIP list still going. I’m half pleased with myself and half getting itchy fingers for something new! Which is why I started an amigurumi yesterday.

I’m actually surprised how far I got in one day. Eventually it should (hopefully) look like this:

Isn’t it cute!

Despite the new start, I have made some progress with Roses for Grandma this week. You may remember that I finished up the forget-me-not motif a while ago, and now I’ve finally started squaring it off.

This is a pattern that looks a millionty times better when blocked so it’s a bit of a mess now, but it will get better!

That’s what I’ve been doing this week. What’s everyone else up to? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 30.01.19”

  1. I have been seeing some very cute knit and crocheted stuffies lately. I have never tried my hand at them. This week, I am doing a lot of shoveling, I am knitting a stole for my sister who lives in Tokyo (easy for her to take home in a suitcase!) I will also cast on a pair of socks this evening. I am in need of a purse project and I have been craving a good sock project.

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  2. you have been busy with your hook ^^
    I love making amigurumi and am currently making a pattern from the Monster book. However, I then got side-tracked with knitting, and haven’t done any crochet in a while!

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