WIP Wednesday 13.02.19

Current WIP count: 4

Has everyone heard of the Havana CAL by Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar (what an excellent name)? It’s been aaaaall over social media since starting in October so you might have seen some even if you didn’t know what they were.

I was my usual organised self and started my Havana yesterday, after choosing my yarn at the weekend. Four months after the CAL started. Although that’s actually better than every other CAL I’ve planned to join, because I never started any of them!

Havana uses the mosaic crochet technique (I have no idea why it’s called that), which can produce some pretty interesting patterns. This is a new technique to me but really easy to pick up so I’ve been whizzing along with it, and I’ve already got the first part of the pattern memorised.

I decided to make it a stash-buster project to use up some of the enormous box of cotton yarn I bought over a year ago. These are the colours I’ve chosen, because I can never resist a rainbow.

And this is how I’m pairing them together for the different sections.


In my head it looks like starting at opposite ends of the rainbow and moving inward to meet in the middle, but we’ll see how it turns out in real life.

My Havana will be smaller than Tinna’s, as the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and I’m using DK. I may also drop some repeats/sections as I go along. I like big blankets as much as the next person, but I do have limits, and the hugenormous original is just a bit too much for me.

I’ve also been working pretty solidly on the Flax Light jumper, although my knitting is so slow that there’s not massive progress to show.


I finally made it past the ribbing and I’ve decided that k1p1 ribbing is my least favourite thing ever. So much faffing about moving the yarn backwards and forwards. But now I’m on to simple increase rounds with a couple of purl sections so it’s plain sailing for a while.

It takes a stronger will than mine to resist the lure of a new project, so those two have been hogging my attention all week. I am utterly determined to have some Roses for Grandma progress by next week!

What’s everyone working on? Has anyone else got certain neglected WIPs making them feel guilty? Let me know in the comments!



9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 13.02.19”

  1. Everything looks great, Hannah. I just taught myself Norwegian style knitting. I wrote about it in my last blog post, which included a link to a video by Arne and Carlos. I really enjoy it. The yarn I am using is somewhat nubby-similar to a fine boucle-so it hides imperfections well. The real test will be knitting with worsted spun yarn. Hopefully, I will have worked the kinks out by then. Check it out, you might like the technique.

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