WIP Wednesday 27.02.19

Current WIP count: 7

Wasn’t yesterday just the most beautiful day? Properly warm after what feels like 300 days of winter. And I was off work too – perfect!

I feel the WIP pressure is off now I’ve finished one of my baby blankets. I’m using the same pattern for the second blanket, but with DK yarn rather than super chunky, and it’s amazing how different that looks.



This is about 2/3 done and it grows pretty quickly so it should be ready for Saturday.

I’ve been unable to completely ignore my Flax so now I’m just a few rounds from putting the sleeve stitches onto waste yarn and casting on some more for the body. I’ve never done that before so we’ll see how it goes!

What’s everyone else working on? Enjoying the unusually sunny weather? Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 27.02.19”

  1. Hard to believe it is the same pattern! Looks beautiful, Hannah.
    Currently, I am wrestling with a pair of socks. Typically, I can whip through a simple sock, but this one is causing me a bit of trouble. I don’t want to blame the yarn, but I am blaming the yarn! 🙂

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  2. Oh, I am working on slipper boots, granny square baby sweater and the rocket popsicle scarf. If you want to read more about that, I posted it really early this morning so you might have to scroll back a bit in your reader.

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