WIP Wednesday 13.03.19

Current WIP count: 6

I’m fairly certain I could now crochet a Lego brick in my sleep.

Stacks of crochet lego bricks

This is 120 bricks. I created some wiggle room in the design so I either need 107 or 66 more to complete the blanket.

Once I get enough time (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahem) I’m going to make a start on joining them together, because I just can’t do the production-line style of making things. I’m not quite sick of the sight of bricks yet, but I’m definitely getting twitchy – if I try forcing myself to make them all before starting to join them, then the whole project is going to end up abandoned in a corner for six years.

A snippet of the layout design

The good news is I’m now going to see my parents the weekend after my Dad’s birthday, and he doesn’t mind waiting so I can take the blanket with me instead of having to post it before his birthday. That gives me an extra 4 days! With my current track record of getting Royal Mail to deliver my parcels on time, it’ll probably get there faster if I take it myself anyway.

It’s quite strange being a monogamous crocheter for once. Don’t think I’ll take it up permanently. What’s everyone else working on? Have you got some variety in your makes this week? Let me know in the comments!



12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 13.03.19”

  1. I’ve never tried Legos but I struggle with granny squares. Sewing them together makes me nuts.
    I have a hooded cape in my hooks but I’m out of yarn for it and I’ve got a beanie on my needles. I finished one yesterday and now I’m making another. My daughter loves them but she left her original one at her dad’s, so I’m going to make her a few in different colors.

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  2. That’s impressive! I’m also working on a crochet blanket made of many smaller elements, but because they are so colourful and pretty I still don’t feel fed up with that 🙂

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  3. Finished the minty lemon granny square baby sweater, will be posting that on Friday. I have ripped out the bathtub floor rug and began it a new as a granny rectangle instead. I got one square done for another sweater using a different pattern. I was just heading over to post my wips and checked your wips first lol 😀

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