WIP Wednesday 03.04.19

Current WIP count: 5

The next section of Havana is a bit more complicated so I’m having to pay attention more when working on it.

I’m really enjoying the colours for this part. They make me think of super heroes.

It’s been weeks and weeks since I did anything on the dragon amigurumi, so I figured it was time to get back to it. 20190402_210054-1.jpgI’m deviating from the pattern a little, but who can blame me? It calls for making the feet, foot pads and claws separately and then sewing all these fiddly little bits together. Sack that for a laugh!

I was hoping to use the pattern for snorlax from Christmas 2017, because I loved his little feet and they were pretty simple to make, with NO sewing. But that blog no longer exists so I’m just trying to remember it as best I can. Wish me luck.

Cute little Snorlax foot

Flax Light has become my travel project, but as I’m on the straight knit bit I won’t post photos again until something interesting happens.

So that’s my WIPs this week. What’s everyone else working on? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 03.04.19”

  1. Havana is coming along beautifully. You have more patients then I. I would have not even made it through the first section. I also have run into extinct blogs, it can be a downer. I hope you can remember how to do those feet because eww, sewing. I started my younger brothers socks on Monday, still making squares, and did a tiny bit on my bathtub floor rug.

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    1. I think it’s partly the novelty, as I’ve never tried mosaic crochet before. Plus the fact that there’s no turning and you just cut the yarn at the end of every row. We’ll see if it can hold my interest until the end 😉

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