That’s almost what I said when I realised that I’d added in some extra stitches to the panel of my Flax Light. About 10 rounds ago.

I know the sensible advice I would probably give someone else – Nobody will notice when you’re wearing it. That just makes it more unique. And so on.

But I’m not taking my advice right now. I think I used up all my ‘ignore the mistakes’ energy on the missed purl rows, and I just can’t leave this one be.

So please pardon my French while I sit here tinking rows and rows of work because of one silly mistake.

Oh well, at least I noticed now and not when it was all done and blocked!



16 thoughts on “Oh…fiddlesticks.”

  1. I know the pain… I hope at least the yarn isn’t too hard to unravel! Sometimes I had to throw away pieces of finished work because it was impossible to unravel the yarn 😦

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  2. Oh yes we’ve all been there – glaring mistake that might not be noticeable by anyone else but screams out to us all the time! At least it’s only a few rows of tinking… Hope you knit back to where you currently are soon enough.

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