Do you travel light?

I’m still haunted by that one time I went away and didn’t take enough yarn with me. The sinking feeling as I watched the skein get smaller and smaller, and the end creep closer with every stitch, until…

A piece of crochet with a hook in one stitch and a short end of yarn leftover

So this time I’m taking absolutely no chances.

Do you think I’ll have enough??



17 thoughts on “Do you travel light?”

  1. I’m about to go on vacation and I’m asking myself that same question! Hopefully I bring enough yarn. On a side note, whenever my mom comes to visit me, I know I always have to take her to the craft store at some point because she will inevitably run out of yarn on her way 😂

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  2. all dépends how long you’re going to be away for lol.
    I always take loads of crafting supplies with me when we go away and invariably never have any time to craft lol.

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  3. I think it depends on what sort of away I am going to to. When i went to America last year I took balls of yarn with me, knowing I’ll be going to Micheals and hobby lobby to buy yarn from there. When i went to Sidmouth I took my current project to try and get it finish for my daughter’s birthday again I seemed out yarn shops, I didn’t need any yarn as I had enough to do with the project, plus I didnt have time in the day to knit the cardigan. I did buy from two shops while I was on holiday to bring back home. I also went to Brugge this year and didn’t take any yarn with me knowing I won’t have time to crochet or knit, but i did buy some yarn while I was there. Everywhere I go I check to see if there any yarn shops local or hobby stores that sell them, but most my holiday consist of not having time to knit or crochet.

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