Remembering how to amigurumi

Current WIP count: 5

Gosh it’s nice to be back to small projects after so many blankets.

Work has resumed on Morag the Highland Coo, and somehow after a long break the loop stitch feels much easier than it did all those months ago. Maybe my brain just needed time to process it before jumping in?

This is most of a body. I’m using my stash of ends and scraps as stuffing, which is great motivation to keep the stitches tight; I don’t want those Lego brick brights peeking through!

I also have a pretty Toft project bag to keep all the pieces in so they don’t end up spread all over my flat like the poor dragon I started forever ago.

Yesterday I found out it is possible to be too ill to crochet, but I’m feeling human again today and really enjoying getting back to amigurumi. I must remember this next time I’m tempted to start three massive projects all at the same time…




13 thoughts on “Remembering how to amigurumi”

  1. Glad you are feeling better! It is rare I feel sick enough to not knit, but then again, if I feel well enough to knit, I just go ahead and work! I work from home, so no danger infecting anyone. Can’t wait to see your Highland Coo!

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  2. Glad you’re feeling better and can’t wait to see a finished Morag!
    I love using scraps for stuffing too, especially when you want to add a bit more weight to the body. I like to get some of those small organza bags and put the scraps in those for stuffing amigurumi, can help make it a little neater sometimes.

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