November goal – week 1

I’m doing well with my goal so far. There were three little bits of knitting last Friday (1st), then Saturday I got to flex my little-used face painting skills for a Hallowe’en party at my archery club.

I was pleased with it, but I think I should have made the teeth a little bit wider.

Then every day after that I’ve managed more knitting on the baby Flax Light, and it’s finally up to the body section with 4 weeks til baby’s birthday!


Most of my crafting will be knitting this jumper I think, but I am hoping to make a start on my Christmas cards at some point soon. I’m not going nuts like some years when I made one for every slight acquaintance; instead I’m going to focus on making special cards for the people really important to me. Maybe even some bloggy friends if I can dig out that email with the addresses on.

How’s your November going?




10 thoughts on “November goal – week 1”

  1. LISTEN !
    When you first dropped in on me, I checked your gravatar and found NO BLOGSITE.
    Would you please stop that unhealthy face-painting and explain ?!
    You ARE still studying, I trust, Hannah ? – and still there in Glasgow ?

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    1. I will never stop taking any slight excuse to paint my face! I didn’t ask to be a grown-up so I refuse to follow all these silly grown-up rules πŸ˜‰
      I am in Glasgow, but not studying – I started a new job a few weeks ago and so far I absolutely love it, which is a new experience for me so I’m savouring it.

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