November goal – week 2

I officially love baby knits. It took weeks and weeks (if not months) to plough through the body section of my own Flax Light, but one session in a hospital waiting room and I’m already on to the ribbing for this one.


Look how tiny and cute it is!!

Not quite sure what I’m going to do with the sleeves, as even my short circulars might be a bit too long for this. Maybe third time will be the charm for DPNs? Either way, I’m getting more confident that my wee jumper will be finished in time for baby’s birthday.

I have worked on literally nothing else in the last week, but I’m pleased I’ve picked this up every day so far.



8 thoughts on “November goal – week 2”

  1. The sweater is so cute! Might I suggest trying magic loop for the sleeves? I personally struggle with using DPNs by find magic loop much easier, and using it also means you don’t have to buy a new set of needles for every project.

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      1. I find magic loop much much easier than DPNs. Once It clicked in my head I’ve not used any of my DPNs since. Have a look on YouTube for some videos, once you get a rhythm going it is quick and I don’t get any ladders like I did with DPNs.


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