November goal – week 3

My boyfriend is an ennabler. We were in Aldi picking up snacks when he spotted some packs of yarn.

Of course I had to have a look, even though I definitely don’t need any more and was NOT going to buy any. I stroked the velvet yarn and squished the blanket yarn and turned my nose up at a giant pack of black acrylic (if I’m going to suffer with black yarn, it is not going to be acrylic).

Then I spotted them. Cupcakes. With pompoms!

My face must have lit up like a Christmas tree because the bf asked which was my favourite and, when I instantly pointed at a yellow/green/blue/pink combo, chucked it into his basket.


I know I’m supposed to be focusing on the baby Flax Light, but this little cupcake was just too tempting and I cast on for a hat the next day.


I meant to follow the pattern on the ball-band, but that isn’t exactly happening. Firstly, it’s for straight needles, and nuts to that; my general knitting motto is ‘why use straights when you can use a circular?’. Also, it calls for 134 stitches, but 100 looked enough for me so I left it at that.

Flax Light did get a bit of a look in this week, and I learned a stretchy cast off for the bottom of the ribbing (having learned the hard way by snapping the cast off on my own Flax the first time I wore it. Damn these hips.), and now it looks like a proper little jumper and I just need to get on with the sleeves.

So now there’s been visible Flax Light progress, my WIP list has grown, I have a new awesomely colourful project to work on, and I know that I definitely want to keep this boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜‰




20 thoughts on “November goal – week 3”

    1. There is one shop neaar(ish) to me that has classes and a knitting group, but I found it very clique-y, verging on unwelcoming, so I don’t go there any more.
      However, there are 2 shops about 20 minute’s drive from me that are utterly wonderful. One focuses on indie dyed yarn, has spinning/knitting/crochet workshops, some handmade goodies like glass art and vegan soaps, and the friendliest owner ever; the other has some standard yarn, plus fabric, ribbons, tools etc, and they have a lot of sewing/needle felting workshops, plus another lovely owner. I do wish I lived closer to those two.

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      1. Just remind yourself that you can drive there. Were this town to have any such places, they’d have to be on bus routes; and I would indubitably need to commute. Better with the bitter, Hannah ! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. Okay, I was there this weekend and they did have a little bit but for one thing, it was super crazy crowded since it was the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and what I saw was just a little bit of solid acrylic DK. My store must have already been picked over!

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  1. Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper. Whenever I try to add more stickers and stationary to my cart, my husband is quick to question my decision. He will say something like, โ€œDo you really need this?โ€ Then I question my sanity and what my life stands for. LOL

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  2. I have two of theses skeins, the ready made pompoms convinced me but the yarn isnโ€™t as soft as Iโ€™d like for kids hats, still they are a fun make.


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